Insane In The Brain

18 Aug

Posted earlier. But somehow got deleted. Maybe because of my butterfingers. Lol. Anyway, I had rewritten it almost exactly (well, I tried). Those who had Liked earlier, please feel free to Like again.

“Otak-Otak from B@Point in Johor Baru, Malaysia

I love this snack! Otak-otak is spicy fish paste wrapped in coconut leaves and grilled over charcoal. Some people might call this “Otah”, a name I dislike. Please call it by its proper name, Otak-otak. Thank you.

We were at B@Point in Johor Baru Malaysia, just minutes from the Causeway (Singapore-Malaysian border). We ordered a quick snack while our car got a spa treatment, i.e washed and vacuumed.

It’s a 24-hour carwash. Just in case you are awaken from a nightmare at 3am and feel the need to have your car snow-washed and waxed, you know where to go.

The Malay word “otak” means brains. Rest assured that absolutely no brains of any animals are added. Otak=brains. Otak-otak=fish paste.

A little spicy and so yummy!

-hazrock, brainwashed

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