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11 Aug

As promised, this post will be a coverage of my niece, Sophia Hana’s 1st birthday. It falls in the blessed Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan. What better way to celebrate than a get-together with the family and extended family for Iftar (breaking fast).

The turnout was about 30. The food spread was astounding. The parents and host aka my sister made Kacang Pool (which I will do a separate post. Stay tuned!). My mom made the Mickey Stew (as mentioned in my previous post). I contributed some Blueberry-Orange Mini Muffins. I mixed the batter at home and baked it on site (haha! Like a construction site??). It felt strange working in a kitchen besides my own.


Little treats for the kids and kids-at-heart. Cookie Pops. Oreo on a stick, dipped in chocolate and personalized with the birthday girl’s name. So cute!


And these are adorable! They are Coconut Blossoms. Steamed cupcakes with a coconut filling. Love the ladybug and bumblebee design.


When it was time to eat, dates and hot tea for everyone before we dig in. A lot of mouths to feed. Lol!


And then, WE DIG IN!! Wow! What a spread!


And finally the birthday cake! Vanilla Cake with Blueberry filling from PrimaDeli. Yum!


And there’s the birthday girl, Sophia. Happy Birthday, sweetie!


-hazrock, remembering a whole village turnout at my first birthday.

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