The Ants Go Marching (Reprise)

10 Aug

A continuation of an earlier post : The Ants Go Marching

This year, I decided to make Eid cookies to give to my parents and in-laws and a few others. I know it would be a huge production. So I took a day off from work today to take on this daunting task. And I would not be distracted because the kids would be in school. Yeay!

So, after Sahur (early morning meal. We Muslims are still fasting), I got everything ready. Ingredients and equipment, and the butter needed to soften.


After sending the girls off to school, production began. Not easy running a one man show. I had hopes of enlisting the help of my son because he had no school today but can’t because he was at his grandmother’s. Oh well, I’m a multi-tasker. At least, I like to think I am.

I live in an apartment with a small kitchen, so I had to take the prep work into my dining table.

Wow! I feel happy looking at the cookies lined up like this. I was a little worried working on a huge batch like this. So afraid something would go wrong and spoil everything!

In the end, after about 5 hours of non-stop intensive back-breaking labour, close to 400 of the cookies DONE!!

It really felt like a cookie factory and I’m a production worker! Haha! But it’s all good. Baking with love for my loved ones.

-hazrock, working at a sweatshop for minimum wage

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