Card Battle

30 Jul

Vanguard Cardfight or whatever

My 11-year-old son Razin is very much into Japanese stuff. Sushi, anime, even the country, which he hopes to visit someday. When he entered primary school at 7, he had a best friend, Eugene, who is half Japanese. Quite often he would came home with stories of Eugene going to Japan to visit his maternal grandmother or some other interesting bits of Japanese culture, as told by Eugene.

So it was no surprise that Razin loves playing these Trading Card Games. When he was younger, it was Pokemon. I tried learning it because he wanted someone to play with at home. No kidding, these games are quite complicated. Battles, attacks, defense, energy. I’m getting a headache.

Right now, he is into Vanguard Cardfight. There is a cartoon series on it too in Japanese with English subtitles and English-dubbed. I thought I gave it a chance to learn again.



This is more complicated than Pokemon. I don’t even know what I was supposed to do. “ok mama, it’s your turn. You can attack with your grade 2 card”. Err… Attack? How do I do that? Take the card and throw it at him??? Sheesh!!

-hazrock, I give up!

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