Inspired By Places

18 Jul

Pattaya Fried Rice from Thohirah Restaurant

This is just one of those dishes which has the name of a place (probably to tell us its origin) but you won’t find it if you go to that said place. I’ve been to Pattaya, Thailand and I don’t think I saw this dish there. Or probably dishes like this are inspired from the places and its cuisine.

Some other examples of these kinds of dishes are :
Mee Bandung, Bandung Drink, Rojak Bandung – Not found in Bandung, Indonesia
Mee Hongkong – Not found in Hongkong
Mee Siam – Not found in Thailand
American Fried Rice – Not found in America

So what is this Pattaya Fried Rice? Well, it’s fried rice wrapped in omelette.


I must say this is one of the “neatest” Pattaya Fried Rice I’ve ever had. Perfect omelette wrapped around the fried rice. And I appreciate that just a few squiggles of the chilli sauce over it. I once had this dish with too much sauce on top. I had to scrape most of it off.

-hazrock, not found in gyms

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