Crunch Time

16 Jul

Crispy Noodle from Mr. Teh Tarik

*Crunch Crunch Crunch*. Well, not that loud anyway.

I don’t like noodles that are soft, soggy and cooked a little too long. Which is why when I heard about the concept of eating uncooked noodles with the piping hot and steamy gravy poured over, I jumped for joy. It sounded like something I would totally love.

And I was right! I love Crispy Noodle. The freeze dried “yee mee” is placed uncooked on a plate. As soon as the gravy is cooked, it is poured over. Some of the noodles stay crispy, some some become soft. All adds up to great texture. Of course, all the noodles eventually get soft as you slowly eat them. And I love how it was served, in a little wok. How cute!

-hazrock, crunching tiger hidden dragon


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2 responses to “Crunch Time

  1. omgsianz

    July 17, 2012 at 10:30 am

    haha i love this too!!! used to get my fix at century square food culture (lol will the sad memories of this place never end?) but at least now i know i can get it at mr teh tarik 😀 i never knew they were uncooked though, i always thought they were pre-fried haha but uncooked sounds much healthier!

    • hazrock

      July 17, 2012 at 10:39 am

      Haiyahhhh! Don’t remind me of food culture lah! I can’t believe they are no longer there. Boohoohoo!
      You know, I dont really know if the noodles are uncooked or like you said, pre-fried. I could be wrong. I guess to some degree, it has been cooked at the factory. And then dried or freeze dried. So what we did is basically just bring it back to life so to speak.


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