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15 Jul

“Chai Tao Kway” or Carrot Cake from Soon Lee at Bedok Corner

The term “carrot cake” used for this dish is somewhat of a misnomer. There are absolutely no carrots in it. The “carrot” is actually referring to the daikon or white radish. Or maybe it is translated as white carrot. And this is a savoury dish, not the sweet dessert which bears the same name, enjoyed in western countries. That one has real carrots, and walnuts and cream cheese frosting!

And the “cake” is actually steamed rice flour cake with shredded daikon in it, cut into pieces and fried with garlic, eggs, spring onions. There are 2 versions of this dish. The one I had above is the “black” version with sweet soy sauce added. The other is the “white” version, you guessed it, without soy sauce.

-hazrock, dark to light, light to dark

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