Three’s Not A Crowd

13 Jul

Triple Chocolate Cookies

This photo is a little special to me. It marked the 100th entry into my “Haz’s Kitchen” album on Facebook earlier this year. I thought to myself, wow! really? I have cooked/baked 100 yummy dishes. And that doesn’t count those that didn’t make it into the album. Those failed cakes and everything else.

So, 100th! That’s quite an accomplishment. On this momentous occasion, I thought I would invite all my 2 million followers to my house for a grand celebratory dinner. You know, where I come in being carried on that stretcher thing by 4 men on each corner, like Cleopatra. Hmmm which reminds me, I need to supply them with medicinal ointments for their bad aching backs after that.
Wait! Please don’t check your inboxes for the invite. That idea was just playing around in my head!

Triple Chocolate Cookies. This cookie contains 3 chocolate elements. Melted semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Oh my! Eat and weep with gratitude.

-hazrock, walk like an Egyptian

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