Modern Twist

23 Jun


I did a post earlier about Teh Tarik. A classic drink, rich and creamy. It goes down well any time of the day or over a chat with a good friend.

Recently Teh Tarik went through a facelift. Someone got this brilliant idea to serve Teh Tarik in a different way. The result? TEHCHINNO!! Tea suspended in milk. There is a special technic to make this. It involves dissolving some condensed milk in boiling water. Then “pulling” it, like in Teh Tarik, until frothy. And then slowwwwly, drizzle in the tea or coffee, in which case will be Kopichinno

Whenever I order a tehchinno, I will always take a few minutes just staring at it. I find it quite mesmeric. But when it’s time to drink, it has to be stirred.

One last lingering look, and a slow hesitant stir with the straw it came with, its fleeting loveliness dissipates. Forever… (Haha! Bad poetry at its worst!)

-hazrock, easily hypnotized by food


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2 responses to “Modern Twist

  1. David

    June 23, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    these drinks are so good…It’s amazing the elegance and mastery it takes to do this

    • hazrock

      June 23, 2012 at 6:45 pm

      Yes. And it looks so beautiful. This is only tehchinno. If I ordered a latte with an amazing latte art on it, I would be staring at it until it gets cold. And maybe snapping a hundred photos of it on my phone. Lol.


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