Giddy up!!

06 Jun

The kiddies (by kiddies I mean some adults too) went horseback riding at Ciater Hot Spring, West Java, Indonesia. After a good soak in the pool of hot spring water, off they go! Giddy up cowboys! Haha!

Kiddies and Atuk (grandpa / my father in law) in the pool. The water was invitingly warm.


My oldest, Razin, in blue, with Cousin Zico on their horses.


Not to be outdone, Atuk went riding too. Hehe!


Qistina, my daughter, patting a friendly horsey.


When we went to pick strawberries in Lembang, they have horseback riding facilities too. So off they go for another round.

Razin on a horse again!


Qistina looked like a pro!


Blogger didn’t ride for fear of traumatic effects on the poor horse.

-hazrock, riding off into the sunset

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One response to “Giddy up!!

  1. David

    June 7, 2012 at 8:24 am

    heheh,,,riding off on what? you didn’t have a horse?


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