Like losing a limb (almost)

20 May

Almost brand new

This day and age, our mobile phones are our lives. I take a lot of public transport. Very often, I will see other commuters mostly burying their heads into their mobile devices (phones, tablets, gaming consoles) and ears plugged to ear or head phones. We have become a sort of an anti-social society. It’s a little sad actually but that’s the price we have to pay for high technology.

I got a real scare recently when My phone stopped working. It’s a passcode problem, sigh, no need to get into all the technicalities. The easiest way is to restore it. So I did and I restored it back to a setting a year ago (when I last synced it). The end result, a very bare, almost virgin (haha!) phone. Most of my apps are gone. So are recent contacts, photos and other media. Oh well. Life goes on.

But good thing I had uploaded some photos onto Facebook. So it’s not such a bad idea after all to chronologically detail your life on social networks.

-hazrock, got my life back.

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