Paper or Plastic

16 May

Vegetables on display

A supermarket recently opened near where I work. I love going there during lunch time. Everything looks so new and clean and properly arranged. And I love grocery shopping. Something about walking alone, up and down the aisle, pushing a cart which I find so calm and relaxing. Sometimes, just browsing helps, and I don’t have to buy anything to feel it’s therapeutic effects. Unless I go with my 2 young daughters. That would be another blog entry on STRESS. Haha!

And looking at the food section excites me. Especially when I see gorgeous fruits and vegetables on display like these.

Different types of mangoes

Oohhhh… Now I want to get some of those mangoes. Hmm I feel a mango smoothie coming on. Oh wait. I busted my blender weeks ago trying to puree a pea soup. The whole thing gave way and I had soup all over the kitchen counter and floor. Not a pretty sight!

I think I want a career in supermarket shopping. No, not supermarket management, SUPERMARKET SHOPPING. I’ll do your shopping when you are too lazy to go. Hehehe.

-hazrock, your personal shopper


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2 responses to “Paper or Plastic

  1. David

    May 16, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    🙂 How much for this service of yours?

    • hazrock

      May 16, 2012 at 6:09 pm

      Oh sheesh! I haven’t thought about it yet. I need to come up with a price range depending on how much stuff you want me to buy. Hmm and regulars can opt for a subscription plan. Pay monthly for unlimited service. I’ll even run to 7-11 at 2am if you need a Slurpee. Oii.. Tough job eh? Lol.


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