In the mosh pit

13 May

Photo by Adi Reaper, ex-schoolmate, who had sitting tickets, while I had the standing ones.

Iron Maiden Final Frontier Tour
15 February 2011.
Singapore Indoor Stadium

I was there in the crowd, somewhere on the left side. A lot of headbanging and was almost thrown into the mosh pit. And I’m no spring chicken! My whole body was aching after that. Lol! It was great. 🙂

Ok now for a little tirade. I do not feel the need to apologize to anyone for leaving my kids with their grandmother just for one night to go to that concert. And it had been a year. And with my almost non-existent social life, except for lunches with people at work, my kids had not left my side since then except when they go to school. I do not think it’s fair to judge me based on just that one night.
Thank you.

-hazrock, self-proclaimed rock chick

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