There Is Always A First

09 May


Sunset outside my window

A blog huh? I must say that having a blog seems like quite a daunting task. It just feels like a huge commitment to have to write at least one entry a day. But then it dawned on me. Why pressure myself to write daily? Why don’t I just write whenever I feel like it. Maybe daily, maybe a few times daily. Maybe weekly or fortnightly. Maybe disappear for months and come back with a bang. Heh!

Anyway, I would not have a certain theme on my blog. I think it would be just random thoughts and musings in my little head. A good friend said I should write about food. I’m not a professional chef. Just someone who enjoys cooking and recently, baking. But definitely a professional eater, because I LOVE to eat. And I love food porn. The feeling I get by looking a pictures of beautiful food is almost orgasmic. And sometimes, what crossed my mind when I see food is, “I want that”. Hehehe. Yes, I can be that much of a maniac.

Oh and I love a good chuckle and humour. Sheesh, autocorrect seemed to think I spelled it wrong. Should it be humor? Ahh.. yes. Ok fine. It’s humor. One of these days I’m just going to tell autocorrect, “you’re wrong!

Ok that’s it for my first ever blog post. EVER. yeay! Fanfare and confetti thrown into the air. I hope there’ll be many more to come.


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